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Strada di San Gregorio da Sassola, Km 6.800 – 00019 Tivoli, Roma
Aperto dal giovedì alla domenica

Excursions and tourist itineraries immersed in nature

The territory of the Tiburtini and Tivoli Mountains is characterized by a very ancient history. Today, here are the sites of historic and artistic interest unique to the world: Villa Adriana, jewel of the ancient Rome and Villa D’Este, an expression of the Italian Renaissance, nominated by UNESCO World Heritage, and Villa Gregoriana, romantic garden dominated by an evocative waterfall.
The farm offers a number of tourist itineraries to get to know the beauty of the Tiburtini Mountains, providing guests with a shuttle to easily reach each site. A way to spend special days with unique art, history and panoramas, all within reach: families with children, couples and groups of friends.

One day journey

Visit Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este. If you choose on Mondays, the only closing day of Villa d’Este, you can go to Villa Gregoriana, a site of particular naturalistic interest and example of romantic garden. Alternatively, you can choose to discover the fascinating streets of the historic center of Tivoli.

Two days journey

Ideal for deepening and devoting a more accurate visit to Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este on different days. The latter, given the proximity of the sites, can also be combined with the visit of Villa Gregoriana. To conclude, we recommend a stroll in the historic center of Tivoli.

Three days journey

Visit Villa Adriana, Villa d’Este and Villa Gregoriana, with a tour around Tivoli (stop recommended at Quintiliolo Shrine). After permission from Archaeological Superintendence, you can visit the Sanctuary of Hercules Winner.

Hiking and mountain biking trails

The hilly area where the farm is located, although not far from residential areas, is dominated by nature and offers a true natural oasis in which to devote to outdoor activities. Excursions and walks suitable for occasional athletes and hikers, adults and children. For the enthusiasts, La Cerra has a mountain biking excursion bicycle rental service around the property.


CAI Trails

Near the agritourism, some of the CAI routes lead to the discovery of the Tiburtini Mountains. From Cerra starts the path 552 leading to the summit of Monte Sant’Angelo, on whose top are the remains of the Temple of Goddess Bona. Along this route you will notice the typical vegetation of this area, as well as the wildlife and the beautiful landscapes, to explore on foot or on mountain bikes.

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