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Riding center: school and excursions

The Equestrian Center of the Farmhouse La Cerra is a pole of excellence for the teaching of horse riding. Our instructor, Carlo Avanzati, is technical F.I.S.E. of Cross Country Camp Riding with specialization in Cross Country, also responsible for organizing and guiding the horseback excursions offered in our farm. Our modern, functional facility is equipped with: box, large paddock with shed, sand arena with lighting, saddlery and horses washing.

Our riding school

Classical riding courses and English ride courses

Our classical riding school carries out individual and collective courses for children (starting at eight years of age), boys and adults. The courses are aimed at beginners, mid-level and experienced runners, with the possibility to practice racing in English disciplines such as Jump to Obstacles, Dressage and Cross Country. In addition to exercise on the ground, there is the teaching of the handling of the horse from the ground, with cleaning, selling and working on the longe. Courses are held every day from Tuesday to Sunday, with the possibility of setting the hours of the lessons with the coach.


The Cross Country's emotions

At Equestrian Center La Cerra specializes in Cross Country teaching, speed sports discipline with overcoming fixed obstacles that simulate obstacles that can be found in nature. The practice of this sport requires physical engagement by the knight and excellent synergy with the horse. Walls, stairs, waterdrops, hedges and logs are some of the obstacles that the rider and the horse have to overcome during workouts, such as competitions. Heart and courage, as well as mutual trust between horse and rider, are the bases of the Cross-Country.

Excursions and horse rides

Short outings of one or two hours and trekking of one more day along the paths of the territory of the Tiburtini Mountains will be an unforgettable emotion. Under the guidance of our instructor Carlo Avanzati, each excursion is organized with precision and safety of both the rider and the horse.

For more days out there is a return to the evening with the possibility of overnight stays and refreshments in the beautiful farm structures.

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