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Strada di San Gregorio da Sassola, Km 6.800 – 00019 Tivoli, Roma
Aperto dal giovedì alla domenica

Cooking full of good flavors

The agritourism restaurant, during the week, offers an à la carte menu that offers a culinary journey to discovery deisapori and produce our farm, a gastronomic experience at zero kilometer.

Sundays at lunch, instead, fixed menus, for adults and children. Designed by our chef and different every week, it offers tasty choices between first, second, outline and desserts. A journey into the taste and traditions of the nature of nature; a place of health and relaxation to find shelter life stress in the city.

Aperture restaurant: Wednesday to Saturday (lunch and dinner). Sunday only lunch with tasting menu. Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday open only on request with minimum 30 people groups.

Discover our menus

Our weekly menu, with a few dishes but unique and tasty, and the Sunday, new every Sunday. In case of public holidays, a dedicated menu will be available. Different menu for children.

Flavors, taste and genuineness

The La Cerra restaurant combines friendliness and the quality of good cuisine with respect to the natural productive cycle of farm produce and land. The protagonists sneaked their genuineness, freshness, selected raw materials (most of their own production), respecting the seasonality of all. A tasteful kitchen, ideal for home cooking lovers, but at the same time attentive to quality, with the suggestion of delicious and original dishes. The weekly menu menu (Sunday is only possible on the fixed menu) is a testimony to this philosophy.

Selected raw materials and quality

The gastronomy that enriches and delivers the main dishes proposed by our catering comes from the direct production of vegetables, meats, cold cuts and cheese products processed with processes to preserve their taste and nutritional properties.

Rustic and familiar

The large rooms of the restaurant, in particular chalet-style facilities, offer a warm and comfortable environment where the color of wood transmits tranquility and energy, contributing to the conviviality of every lunch and snack.


The hospitality of the laCerrasi restaurant expresses itself in welcoming guests and in serving table service. Our staff is available to meet the needs of every client, always ready to offer a day of good board and relaxation for couples, families and large groups.

Our specialty: the Cinta Senese

From Cinta Senese’s livestock, the strong point of our gastronomy, quality meats and sausages are offered in the menu of our restaurant and sold at our “Punto Genuinità”.

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