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Strada di San Gregorio da Sassola, Km 6.800 – 00019 Tivoli, Roma
Aperto dal giovedì alla domenica

A world waiting to be discovered

Restaurant, baby club, cottage, hiking, nature products, farm

La Cerra farmhouse is an oasis of relaxation, good cuisine and fun. A rural reality devoted to the work of the land and to the livestock farming, which offers hospitality and hospitality to all those who want to spend time in contact with nature, in full harmony with it and tasting the wealth and genuineness of the products that the land offers. In Tivoli, a stone’s throw from Rome, the farmhouse is almost hidden between tall cypresses and wild flowers.

Rest but also a lot of activities

At the gates of Rome, on the Strada di San Gregorio da Sassola (only a few kilometers from Tivoli), the “world” La Cerra offers a restaurant with traditional cuisine at the same time, stays in elegant and family cottages, or in a well-equipped campsite. A farm with direct production of vegetables, meats, cold cuts and cheeses. A lively farm where animals circulate freely within the vast land. Cows, sheep, birds and pigs of Cinta Senese are naturally reared according to traditional techniques. A farmhouse with an equestrian center of excellence that houses a riding school specializing in English and Cross Country disciplines.

The plant of La Cerra

Pianta dell'agriturismo La Cerra a Tivoli

Things done well, like once

Earth products, cultivated and followed by methods of once. The flavor that comes from it, but above all the appreciation of so many customers, is our greatest gratification. The genuinity point is a box where you can buy the products of our land and the salami derived from the breeding of the Cinta Senese, which you can discover and deepen. A look always aimed at the youngest, with the didactic farm and the three programs of the activities offered: one day (lunch at the restaurant or sack) and two days.

The didactic farm

The contact with animals and the direct experience with life and the activities that turn into an agricultural environment are a unique opportunity for growth and learning for children, as well as being conducive to the tranquility and serenity of the youngest

Breeding of Cinta senese

The breeding of Cinta senese is the highlight of the La Cerra farm. Cultivated according to traditional techniques to ensure its living conditions, from the Cinta senese, succulent and rich nutritional properties are obtained

Genuine Point

Many selected and quality products for sale at the gourmet counter of our farm, the fruit of the cure and the work of cultivation and breeding
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