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Aperto dal giovedì alla domenica

Fruits of nature

The agritourism farm is dedicated to the breeding of animals and the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. From these activities comes the raw materials used in the restaurant, which offers its guests products of their own, genuine and always fresh produce. A selection of cured meats, jams and oil from our collection are available at the “Point of Genuine” kiosk.

The natural environment of the agritourism

The animals in our farm have large spaces to graze freely. Thirty hectares of land with a rich vegetation in which oak woods alternate with clearings and meadows, offering each species a suitable place to live. We work in the respect of nature and animals, which are guaranteed the best living conditions and, above all, natural nutrition.

The Cinta Senese

The crown of the production of the farm is the breeding of the Cinta Senese, a tender and noble pig breed, of Tuscan origin, raised in the semi-brady state and by cuivengonto gastronomic products of exceptional taste and quality. A selection of these products (including the pork cheek and an exquisite ham) are on sale at our kiosk.

Cow Bruna Alpina

From livestock breeding, with natural feeding, Brune Alpine cows, LaCerravanta is a production of cheeses and ricotta that preserves the genuineness and healthy properties of these dairy products, produced using traditional techniques and without the addition of preservatives. These cows produce milk containing 4.2% fat and 3.46% protein.

Selected and good products

From the respect for the earth, the care for animal breeding and our passion, we are able to obtain unique and unique products. Eggs, cured meats and cheeses from true flavors that are now unavailable in large distribution products. Flavors you can find in the menus of the restaurant menu or in the products for sale at the “Genuine Point” kiosk.

Laying hens

We put laying hens for the production of fresh and genuine eggs. Chickens, free to move among the meadows of the farm, naturally eat what they find on the ground, and in addition receive nutrition supplementation based on natural feeds.

The goodness of vegetables

In the garden of our agritourism we chose to cultivate vegetables and vegetables following the seasonality of each product, respecting the rhythms of nature. Cultivation with passion and dedication of the land produces good harvests, with vegetables with flavors and intense aromas, and above all healthy for everyday nutrition.


A traditional cousin, rich of flavour, wich cares the quality of the row materials

Didactic frm

Know the animals and the countryside life. Educational and child labor laboratories

The “Genuine point”

The delicatissen kiosk of our farm
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