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The didactic farm

The didactic farm is a training activity designed for children. Through direct contact with animals, children discover a world different from the one where the rules of life are marked by the cycle of nature, where contact between living beings requires a different language, linked to gesture and instinct , with which animals communicate to the smallest tranquility and safety.

Benefits for children

The didactic farm is a pedagogical site useful to all children, but even more so for those who have difficulty in overcoming behavioral, social, affective and emotional barriers. The farm is an opportunity for “language learning”, as a container of words, sounds, noises and actions. Here the words assume different meanings from everyday ones and concepts such as beauty and fatigue, sun and taste, gestures and responses, are closely related and related to each other.

Discovering the life of animals

A visit to the farm will accompany every child in the exciting discovery of the natural habits and rhythms of animals, which preserve the simplicity of living and the flow of time in tune with the surrounding environment and nature. Through the animals, it is possible to experience nature’s productivity, providing the necessary livelihood for life, giving children a different perception of the day, positive and serene.

Get to know the farm animals

There are many animal species in the farm and that children will know during our didactic farm activities: donkeys, cows, pigsty pigs, poultry, pigeons, peacocks and horses.

Farm activities programs

Cerra has thought of three programs to involve, in the didactic farm activities, not just children but also schools and families. Visits of one or two days a week, preferably Wednesday and Thursday, which have a common visit to the farm and a laboratory. You can choose from a short experience with packed lunch, or complete with lunch at the restaurant and in the afternoon with games and animation at € 10.00 and € 20.00 respectively. For schools, the full two day program with introduction to the classroom costs € 30.00 per child. Details below.

One day schedule

(Packed lunch)
Morning visit to the farm.
Laboratory chosen between milk cycle, baking and equestrian center.
Packed lunch in a dedicated area.
Participation fee: € 10,00

One day schedule

(Lunch at the restaurant)
Arrival at 9am.
Morning dedicated to farm visit; a choice between a milk cycle, a bakery and an equestrian center.
Lunch in restaurant with dedicated and personalized menu.
Afternoon with outdoor play activities.
Return home at 4.00 pm.
Participation fee: € 20,00 (one free teacher per 15 children)

Two-day program

Day 1: Introduction to Food Education in a Meeting, at School, with our Operators.
2nd day: morning dedicated to farm visit; a choice between milk cycle and equestrian center.
Lunch in restaurant with dedicated and personalized menu.
Afternoon with outdoor play activities; bakery course.
Return home at 4.00 pm.
Participation fee: € 30,00 (one free teacher per 15 children)

Cerra offers the possibility to build a personalized farm program with living room.
Contact us for more information.


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