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Aperto dal giovedì alla domenica

The Cinta Senese

The constant search for genuine and high quality foods, produced with natural methods, has catapulted us in this fantastic adventure: the breeding of the Cinta Senese.

For fifteen years now, we have relieved Cinta Senese specimens, ensuring the best living and growth conditions for these precious animals. Wildlife among oak forests, feeding with acorns and selected foods, mitigated climate and night-time shelter are key factors in breeding this type of pig, which is devoted to a large area (accessible to children from schools, see the didactic farm).

Quality of Cinta Senese products

Meat is excellent for their dietary properties as they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids belonging to Omega 3 and Omega 6 series. The Cinta Senese lard and pillow have a high amount of oleic acid, useful in combating the cholesterol, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Compared to other pig breeds, the fat of the Cinta senese is more fluid and this favors the spread in the flesh of flavors and aromas used in the spice of the products, enriching them with scents and flavors.

Always present in the menu

In the restaurant you can taste Cinta Senese meats in all its variants. Among the starters, cutlery with selection of salami and ham of Cinta senese. For the first, tasty sauces with Bacon or Cinta meat sauce. While for the seconds, in addition to the wonderful mixed grilling, delicate and tasty fillets, ribs and stuffs with Cinta Senese lard.

The gourmet kiosk

With the production of meat and sausages in Cinta Senese, the farm offers special and high quality specialties. Taste and delicacy to enjoy in our farmhouse or to bring it to the table. The products of Cinta Senese, in fact, are also available for purchase at the kiosk outside the restaurant. The “Punctuality” is rich in proposals, including lettuce, hams, sausages, sprouts, neck chops, roast, bacon and lard. Products that can be individually purchased or made up in a “family pack” where the tastes of these delicious products are packed on the home table. But that’s not all, these products add lonza, lonzino, bacon, salami, cup and pork cheek.

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